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I am consultant to a real estate group that deals with numerous large real estate matters and partnerships. I have worked with David Ross and his colleagues since the Spring of 2013. During these years, Mr. Ross has represented our firms with several complex litigation matters, all of which were resolved in agreeable and satisfactory manner. In all of my associations with various law firms handling our numerous matters, I’ve not found a more thorough and capable litigation attorney.

There are many expensive courtroom powerhouses that produce a satisfactory result, but there are very few attorneys that can handle cases in the effective manner that I seek. Many attorneys do not recognize and place much thought and attention to the other important facets of litigation: client communication, attention to detail and sensitivity to cost vs. benefit. Mr. Ross has always been available and responsive to us for the most trivial questions, has always kept us abreast of communication with opposing counsel, court filings and pleadings. Most importantly, Mr. Ross possesses a great instinct for timing of negotiation vs attack, yet does not shy away from what is necessary. Conversely, he is not driven by ego to win Pyrrhic victories. These are qualities that one might expect from every attorney, but one often finds this is not the case.

Needless to say, Mr. Ross will be at the top of the list for our next challenge.

– P.C.

I highly recommend David for counsel on business/franchise related work. I was in need of advice and information regarding franchise renewals and how to best approach my franchise at this critical stage. David was more than generous and extremely knowledgeable in the matter. David gave me all the information, confidence and strategy I needed to make the right decisions and he stood by me through the process as I had questions and concerns. He is very fair in his pricing and is always available. I could not have gotten through that very stressful time without his support and knowledge. His hospitable nature and care for his clients shows! If I ever need counsel again I would definitely call upon David.

– K.P. (via LinkedIn)

[Dave] has gone up against some very large law firms and brought home the bacon each time for us.

We have been clients of Dave’s for several years now. Dave has represented us in very complex issues, including antitrust, franchising, and business tort issues. He has represented us in arbitration, Federal Court, state court, administrative proceedings and continuously advised us in day-to-day business activities. Dave has a particular strength in litigating before a trier of fact. One reason for this is that he has always been better prepared than the opposing attorney.  . . . [Dave] has gone up against some very large law firms and brought home the bacon each time for us. For example, Dave won in Federal court preventing our claims to be forced into arbitration against large national law firm (this is an extremely rare event, but Dave pulled it off). He also engineered a favorable settlement against one of the most profitable privately-owned companies who used a large national law firm. He has shown himself to be fair and honest but aggressive if the need arises. He does not always tell you what you want to hear, but he always tells you what you need to know. If your livelihood is on the line, it’s in good hands with Dave.

– H.D.

David Ross was an invaluable asset when my brother and I were negotiating a franchise opportunity. Although I have personally been involved with many business transactions and agreements, franchising was Greek to me. David did a terrific job of educating us on franchise law and agreement standards, and he set realistic expectations for us in our negotiations.  He was able to simplify the negotiation process and document drafting. He also provided insight to where we expend time and dollars during the process.  He was able to direct the negotiations with a focus on the relevant issues that were of highest value to us.

We recommend Dave wholeheartedly and will continue using him as part of our team.

– M.L.

Nietzche’s quote “There are no facts, only interpretations” certainly holds true in contract law. Dave did double duty, facing off against a state department of labor and opposing counsel in a contract dispute. He clearly explained his fees and kept me updated along the way. He explained the different approaches he could take, the likely cost of each, and the time each might take. We decided on strategy as a team and moved forward. The results were excellent. The bottom line is that defending yourself is financially and emotionally costly. Dave is the rare attorney that understands both. Thank you Dave for a job well done.

– S.H. (via LinkedIn)

During our review of the Franchisor Disclosure Document (FDD), [Dave] once told me that his job was to make sure I was aware of all the things that could go wrong; and as a person investing a great sum of money, that is exactly the service that I needed.

I began my franchising journey in 2012.  After a thorough internet search of the best Franchise attorneys in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area, Ross Law Firm, LLC was one of three law firms focusing on Franchisee representation that I settled on.  I reached out to each of those three firms, and instantly knew that Mr. Ross was the person that I wanted to work with on the review of the Franchise that I was pursuing at the time.  Mr. Ross patiently answered all of my questions, and gave me helpful information even before I signed a retainer with his firm.  He was also prompt to respond to all of my e-mails and telephone calls.

Once working together, I always felt like Mr. Ross was looking out for my best interest.  During our review of the Franchisor Disclosure Document (FDD), he once told me that his job was to make sure I was aware of all of the things that could go wrong; and as a person investing a great sum of money, that is exactly the service that I needed.  Unfortunately, I was not able to acquire that Franchise; but in 2014, after applying to Little Caesars to become a Franchisee, I was once again contacting Mr. Ross to review another FDD.  This time, Mr. Ross and one of his colleagues took on the review; and I received the exact same superior service.  Should I ever need a Franchise attorney again, Mr. Ross will most certainly be the person that I call on.

– K.M.P.

David has a keen command of the procedural and strategic elements of commercial litigation, a quick understanding of facts, and an ability to effectively communicate positions, both in written and oral argument. He is a pleasure to work with.

– James M. Loots, Esq. (via

[Dave] was very easy to talk to and spoke to me in layman’s terms so I could understand what was going on. [He] was willing to go the extra mile for me and that was something very special.

David Ross spent a lot of time with me discussing all aspects of my case. He was very easy to talk to and spoke to me in layman’s terms so I could understand what was going on. He sent me numerous e-mails in regards to my case and he was willing to go the extra mile for me and that was something very special. David is understanding and also persistent, showed a real commitment to my case and I could have not made a better choice. He was very reachable at all times and fought very hard for me.

His professionalism and ethical conduct are excellent, and I would highly recommend David to anyone.

– A.S.

My husband and I sought David’s help in selling our franchise. David was very helpful in reviewing documents as well as having a colleague involved when he felt it was necessary.

We had contacted four separate attorneys’ offices for help in the transaction. Believe it or not, David was only one of two that responded, and the only one that FOLLOWED THROUGH with his word and actions!


– S.P. (via

Having had the pleasure to work personally with Dave Ross for three out of the thirteen years I have been in practice as an attorney, I can tell you that he is an outstanding attorney. In litigation, he is tenacious and innovative, leaving no stone unturned and identifying new angles or strategies in difficult cases. He is a superb written and oral advocate. And he is a great listener, taking the time to understand a client’s legal issue/problem/predicament so that he can get at its core and tackle it effectively. If you seek legal representation personally, as a consumer, or as a business owner (from formation of the business, personnel issues, as a franchisee, dissolution, etc.), I strongly recommend that you consider Dave Ross as your attorney.

– Cary Zuk Mielke, Esq. (via LinkedIn)

David Ross was an integral part of the success of my business. He helped make confident decisions with employee situations and negotiations during the transaction of a specialized business. During some of the most difficult, stressful and emotional upheavals of the business environment, he only showed professionalism and the desire to go beyond the standard of practice. With every process he showed accessibility, knowledge, understanding, concern, and diligence from beginning to end. The expertise and perfection shown during our conversations and meetings only reassured my choice in an attorney that was working toward my best interests. During the time of owning my business I could not ask for a better attorney. I always felt as though I was the priority. In any event that would require an attorney there would be no question about who I would retain.

– K.R. (via

Dear Dave,

I wanted to convey my appreciation for the attention to detail re: our client who didn’t see the need to pay for services we had rendered.  Your approach and recommendations got the case settled out of court and paid in full, we thank you for your wisdom, direction and calm approach to what seemed to be a very difficult issue at the time, you’re the best!!!

– J.D.

I had a franchise nightmare and the best thing about it was partnering with Dave at the end when he represented me on dissolving my franchise agreement. He was able to find many areas of the agreement that the franchise company was in breach of their contract and worked diligently to end the whole franchise and its agreement in MY favor down to what should be done with the phone lines! He was much easier to work with than the people at the franchise corp. office had ever been. Very pleasant and so patient. I wish I had had him in the beginning to look over the agreement and be my legal guide. I highly recommend him to ANY ONE that needs franchise legal advice. He really is great at what he does!

– P.W. (via LinkedIn)

I’ve seen first-hand [Dave’s] ability to explain his area of law in plain English and his genuine interest in protecting his clients’ interests.

Dave Ross is highly knowledgeable in civil litigation and franchise matters and a strategic and effective legal adviser. He is straightforward in his advice and meticulous in his communications. I have called upon Dave to assist in matters in which controversies have arisen and have always been happy with his attentiveness and advice. We have collaborated on work, and I’ve seen first-hand his ability to explain his area of law in plain English and his genuine interest in protecting his clients’ interests. I also recommend Dave as someone who is down-to-earth and enjoyable to work with!

– Heather D. Batzel, Esq. (via LinkedIn)

Dave, I want to thank you for all the work you did on my case. Your prompt actions and skillful handling brought the perfect results. You were very detail-oriented and always prepared with an exceptional understanding of my case. You continually exhibited tremendous amounts of knowledge and skills in employment laws and other areas that ultimately resulted in my favor. I can never thank you enough. You exceeded my expectations.  And I will always recommend you to anyone who might benefit from your great service!

– I.L. (via LinkedIn)

David and I have worked together on employment and franchise litigation. He is thorough, thoughtful and carefully considers his clients’ interests. His legal work is insightful and he carefully considers how to achieve his clients’ objectives within cost-effective means.

– Rebecca N. Strandberg, Esq. (via LinkedIn)

Attorney David Ross is someone who tells it like it is!

Attorney David Ross is someone who tells like it is! He is realistic and will work hard with you to ensure the path to your legal goal is clearly understood. His goal is to ensure you are fully informed of all risks and devise strategies to reduce those risks prior to making a final decision. David’s approach is to work with you to help you arrive at your goal. He’s a high-energy attorney with much passion in getting things done for the benefit of his client. Clear communication is something I appreciated in working with David. I can say that he wasted no time in working with me on clearly defining that goal, devising a set of strategies, and was quite flexible throughout the process.

– E.L. (via LinkedIn)

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