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Mr. Ross possesses a great instinct for timing of negotiation vs. attack, yet does not shy away from what is necessary. Conversely, he is not driven by ego to win Pyrrhic victories. These are qualities that one might expect from every attorney, but often finds this is not the case. – P.C.

Although business owners understandably hate litigation, it’s sometimes unavoidable. If you’ve been served with a summons and complaint, had an administrative claim brought against you, or found yourself unable to settle a dispute on acceptable terms, you’ll need trial attorneys who know not only your business, but also the courtroom – and how to properly prepare for it.

Trials and arbitration hearings are often won or lost weeks or months before they begin, and settlement leverage can be secured or squandered early in the life of a lawsuit.

Whether a member of your company abused his or her position for personal gain, a former employee stole trade secrets and used them to compete with your business, or you are engaged in a franchise- or other business-related dispute, you’re best served by counsel who is diligent at every step of the case – obtaining advantages and gaining small victories from the initial filing of documents through the investigation and written discovery stages, depositions, and ultimately, trial. It is these victories and strategies, and the meticulous preparation that make them possible, that have led to successful outcomes for our clients.

At the Ross Law Firm, we’ll tirelessly battle to win those victories and get you those results.

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